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Finding a Great Lawyer

Whether you're getting a divorce or filing a lawsuit against a company, finding a great lawyer is a necessity for making sure that you come out on the winning end. A great lawyer will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

All legal matters have the tendency to be unpleasant. If you have someone who knows what they are doing, your experience won't be nearly as bad as you might assume.

Ask Around
The first thing you want to do is ask around. Ask your friends if they know of a lawyer/attorney who is the best in their field. Try to get specific about the area of practice. A personal injury lawyer that handles car and truck wrecks is very different from a dui attorney or divorce lawyer. Asking people you know about law firms they’ve worked with is one of the most effective things you can do because you can receive firsthand advice from someone who knows. Keep a record of who your friends recommend.

Search through Your Telephone Book
The business pages in your phone book will display plenty of names in regards to attorneys in your local area. Sift through the names, check out the descriptions, and create a small list of lawyers you think you may be interested in. Use your intuition when looking at pictures of the lawyers. The one's you have a connection with will just "click" with you when you look at them. Using your logic is also highly recommended. Steer clear of lawyers who have a bad reputation.

Search Online
Searching online is one of the most popular and effective options out there. Type in the type of lawyer you're looking for such as “injury attorney,” "divorce lawyers" or "disability lawyers" along with the name of the area you live and hit "enter". In our area one would type in “Huntsville Alabama injury attorney” or “product liability lawyer Huntsville al.” You'll then be directed to a search results page where you will see a list of lawyers available that match what you are looking for. Check out different attorney websites to get a generalized idea of what they are all about. When you find one that you like, bookmark their website or simply make a note of their name.

Research Your Attorney of Choice
It's advisable to conduct research on the lawyers you are considering. Obviously, you don't want to make a mistake and choose a lawyer who doesn't know what they are doing or lack experience. Making sure that your lawyer is the best in their field will give you the confidence you need to move on to the next step.

Conduct a Personal Interview
Once you narrow down your results by performing a little research, conducting an interview is highly recommended. By conducting an interview, you'll be able to find out whether or not you and your attorney of choice will get along and see eye to eye. If you're not on the same page, move on to the next lawyer on your list.

Choosing a good lawyer is important for several reasons. You don't want to waste your time nor money on the wrong attorney. Remember to take the time to research and find exactly what you need. The result of your case depends greatly on the attorney you choose.